Getting a Divorce in Los Angeles?

Family law and divorce cases with the most significant aspects of our lives: our relationships with our spouse and children; our finances and property; and our future rights and responsibilities. The Law Office of Charles M. Green provides effective legal counsel to guide you in these matters and to protect your interests.

Divorce in California is  complicated process. In California a divorce will take at least six months. The time is increased depending upon whether you and your spouse are able to reach a settlement or decide you need to go to trial for your divorce proceedings.  He has experience in negotiation and settlement as well as courtroom litigation. Working with our practice, you will benefit from a legal representative who shares your goals and who is committed to a successful outcome for your case.


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divorce attorney | family Law Specialist Divorce Lawyer Charles. M. Green

Charles M. Green is Certified as a Family Law Specialist through the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California.

A Certified Family Law Specialist must pass an extensive written examination in the variety of subjects that are family law, be approved by a peer review process and show proficiency in Family Law by having represented clients in a sufficient number of Family Law cases with varying degrees of complexity. Continuing education is required to maintain this specialty designation.

Charles Green also has prior experience as a Certified Public Accountant. This combination of legal and financial experience and education makes Charles M. Green uniquely qualified to represent clients in the most complex of financial issues that are found in…

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